September 11, 2017
Cross Crescent


Is their a vague similarity between Protestant Christianity and Islam?


Yes and No. First of all Protestants worship the one true God (Father, Son & Holy Spirit), they learned about the one true God from Catholics. Islam does not worship the Holy Trinity like we do in Christianity. They worship Allah, a solitary supernatural being who is a Master and not a Father, nor a Trinity of persons.

Islam and Protestantism do share 1 basic error, they both have no living teaching authority or magisterium.

Lets be frank, America  & the world is under attack by militant Islam, a religion with no Pope or teaching authority but only a book to argue over, the Koran. Militant Islamic groups interpret the Koran literally. In this respect, Islam is quite similar to Protestantism: there’s no visible head or teaching authority – only a book to argue over, and the result is confusion and chaos. A lot of Protestant pastors are starting to see this. They’re seeing why a religion based on a book alone isn’t enough. They’re realizing that Christianity needs a visible head, established by Christ himself – a Pope.