Responding to facts, not to ad hominem attacks!

June 29, 2021


How is it possible that a radio station purporting to be Roman Catholic airs a hateful and paranoid religio-political show such as this peculiar and alarming Terry and Jesse Show?
For one thing, they are not admirable  “straight talkers” —- they are open racists, plain and simple.  They are not simply Catholic evangelical zealots, they are politico-religious fanatics spewing lies, distrust, division,  and suspicion. Actually, they are more than fanatical; they are cruel in their self-righteous hysterical commentary. I have never heard such hateful, vindictive,  absurd, and divisive talk coming from any Catholic media person. The only comparison is with the hateful Father Coughlin in the 1930s, who irreparably scandalized The Church. Terry and Jesse are 21st Century Father Coughlin —- but much worse than Coughlin.
These Terry and Jesse people and their strange lineup of guests say and do the exact opposite of what Jesus would say and do. They denounce and ridicule  everyone who does not adhere to their distorted, conspiratorial, and malicious idea of Catholicism. Even Pope Francis is held in disdain by these people. All who think differently are evil and demonic, according to Terry and Jesse.
In short, Terry and Jesse are not honest, outspoken , and exemplary  Catholics, as they style themselves —- they are closed-minded, heretical, hysterical, irrational, and harmful religious extremists.
The Station of the Cross should be embarrassed and ashamed that it allows such hostile and reckless and un-Catholic people to get airtime.


Ad hominem attacks don't help your case, you would be laughed out of a courtroom with the above montage. Lets start with one example demonstrating that we are "racist" for example? Or heretical or irrational? I can respond to facts not to ad hominem attacks. Proverbs 18:17 "He who states his case first seems right, until the other comes and examines him."

By the way, I don't bother listening to people I don't agree with, but I am glad the constitution gives us the right to air out our perspective.