March 10, 2023


If I remember correctly several years ago you said something to the affect that there were 5 things that proved the Bible was authentic. I did not get them written down. I have a couple friends coming over and I wanted to start the evangelization process. If I remember, one of the things you mentioned was that it said the son of God would be born from the lineage of King David but if you can give me that information I would appreciate it. Thank You in advance for any help you can give to me. 


The best way to describe & prove the reliability of the Bible

Reason 1,2,3,4] The acronym M-A-P-S guides you to understand the reliability of the Bible - This URL gives you 4 ways to prove the reliability of the Bible.

5th way to prove the reliability of the Bible] The primary cause for the acceptance of inspiration of the Bible is expressed clearly by St. Augustine who said “I would not believe the Gospel, unless the authority of the Catholic Church affected me" (Epis.Contra.Man 5,6- P.L.42, 176).

6th reason] The Bible outsells every other book every single year since the invention of the printing press (according to the Guinness book of World Records).