March 12, 2021


My wife and I just found out that her family tree leads back to Plutarco Elias Calles, then president of Mexico during the Cristro wars.  From examining her family history we found a lot of atheist and lukewarm catholics in the tree along with tragedy. We have had tragedy in our immediate family as well. We believe its due to generational spirits for the atrocities that were committed in our family's past.  


Here is Fr Rippergers lecture on Generational spirits – "Adam & Eve’s fall allowed generational spirits to come into the human family. Generational spirits can be passed through the father, or mother or children. Children can suffer the temporal effects of the sins of the parents.

Demons are master tacticians; they are extraordinarily consistent. All families are dealing with a generational spirit which last about 4 to 5 generations.  After a 9 day rosary Novena to Our Lady of Sorrows, she will give you the grace and reveal to you what is the generational sin in your family. A person stays compatible with a demon by refusing to pray and live in a state of grace. If you have psychological compatibility with a demon the exorcist will not be able to drive out the demon.

I would than pray in front of the Blessed Sacrament along with your wife from the book: DELIVERANCE PRAYERS FOR THE LAITY p.25 Prayer to remove Generational Spirits. 

I'm pretty sure President Plutarco Calles was a Mason, I would pray the prayer to break the Masonic curse on p.122. I would do these prayers to break the Generational Spirits and to break the Masonic curse in front of the Blessed Sacrament, I would pray them on my knees and I would pray them 3 times each. 



Before this information, we would pray Fr. Rippergers prayers from his book and strive to live in a state of sanctifying Grace. Confession weekly, communion in our knees and in the mouth regularly (when allowed).  Should we ask our Priest for a blessing/exorcisim for this specific concern?


Keep on praying the prayers every night, read the requirements link, there are about a half dozen requirements included that you must follow when you pray these prayers. Here are two night prayers that I do every night as well (My book: Lord Prepare my hands for Battle p.57-59)


Visit Oh Lord this habitation and drive far from it all snares of the enemy; Let thy holy angels dwell therein, and may thy blessing be upon us through Christ our Lord – Amen.  (1962 Roman Missal evening prayer, Liturgy of the Hours).



Most Blessed Virgin, whose Heart is Sorrowful and Immaculate, we recognize Thee as the Lady and Queen of this house. Have the kindness to preserve it from any evil; from fire, water, thunder, storms, earthquakes, from robbers, wicked people, from revolutions, war, raids, from persecution and taxes, from any other evil known by Thee. Bless, protect, defend and preserve as Thy personal property, those who live and will live here. Keep them from adversity and misfortune, but above all, preserve them from offending God. Let not a single mortal sin be ever committed in this house. And may all those who enter it work for the Glory of God, for the Reign of Jesus and Mary.Let this house be forever consecrated to You, O Jesus and Mary. Let it be blessed with all those who inhabit it – Amen. [During the 1st World War, in France, some of the faithful Catholics were known to have this prayer tacked on their front door. These homes and residents were not harmed or invaded during the time of war].



Behold the Cross of the Lord! Begone, all evil powers! The Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has conquered! Alleluia, Alleluia! (I do this prayer 3 x as I hold a crucifix in my right hand up high). 


 I use the imprecatory prayer "In the Name of Jesus Christ, by the authority of natural law over this flesh, I command you to leave ______ alone!” as our daily evening prayer for my family and I.

May I use it as a blessing by replacing the last sentence with: i bless my family, property and home?


Keep on praying the above imprecatory prayer as well, great prayer exercising your juridical authority as head of house. I wish all Catholic men would pray like this.


May I use it as a blessing by replacing the last sentence with: I bless my family, property and home?


Put these two prayers together, close off the above imprecatory prayer with "And I bless my family, property and home in the name of the Father and of the Son of the Holy Spirit Amen."