Putting on Christ 

May 24, 2022

To be filled with the Spirit is to be filled with Christ, so when we put on the mind of Christ, we put on the will of Christ. There’s nothing in the gospels that gives us an answer to many of the problems of life and the difficulties of the day. If we were just simply to imitate the life of our Blessed Lord as is found in the gospels, we would all have to become carpenters. How, then, do we know what to do? The Spirit of Christ shows us what we are to do in each and every circumstance: the proper words to say, the right action, the kind of charity to perform.  Now this Spirit of Christ that is in our soul manifests Christ to us. St. Paul uses the example of the human mind to make clear the Holy Spirit. He asks, “How do we know the thoughts of another person?” Well, it’s because we have a soul and a spirit just as he has. Engineers understand engineers, and brokers understand brokers, and students at college understand students at the same college. Why? Because they all have the same spirit. They are human to begin with, and then they have the spirit of engineers and brokers and so forth. But why are we able to understand Christ? Because we have the Spirit of Christ.