Psychic transference

July 12, 2018

Jesus experienced not only physical transference, but he also suffered psychic transference. By psychic transference, I mean that he took upon himself all the loneliness of people, their mental ills, and the tragic effects of their psychoses and neuroses. He felt all of the darkness of the atheists. He knew what it was to be a skeptic and a doubter. He knew what went on in the heart of any man who raises a clenched fist, of all those who hate so much that their mouths are craters of hate and volcanoes of blasphemy. After all, if our Blessed Lord was to redeem atheists, he had to know how it felt to be an atheist, did he not? He had to feel their God-forsakenness as his own. That is why on the cross, as darkness crept into his soul, he confessed to his Father in His human nature his utter abandonment. He uttered that mysterious shriek: “My God, my God, why hast thou abandoned me?” Here he traversed the darkest valleys and deserts of mystery with all his human brothers.