February 27, 2020


I was watching a Youtube video of you talking about spiritual warfare at St. Francis church in Fillmore. One thing you discussed is how to identify a possessed person. I work as a caregiver and one of my clients a lady in her mid 70s I believe she may be possessed. I wear a scapular, a St. Benedict crucifix and a Santa Cruz de Jerusalem holy card on me.  

The lady always looks at my sacramentals with much suspicion.  I sense her praying in an evil tongue and I often leave her home tired, drained, with a headache and sometimes I can’t even think straight. I’ve been praying so that I can get another client but my job keeps assigning me to her.  How do I protect myself from her? Please I need some wise advice. 


Make sure everytime you work you are in a state of grace (free from mortal sin in your soul). Pray before you get there, pray while your there and pray after you leave from there. Catholic prayers are stronger than curses, your prayers will block her curses (if thats what she is doing to you). Also keep wearing sacramentals while your around her. Maybe God wants you to evangelize her and talk to her about JESUS and heaven. Take holy water with you and sprinkle it in her house for your protection as well.