The prolongation of the Incarnation

July 25, 2019

My own human body is made up of millions and millions of cells, and yet it is one body because it is vivified by one soul, governed by an invisible mind, and presided over by a visible head. So all who later on will be incorporated into this new body of Christ will be one because they will be vivified by one soul, the Holy Spirit, governed by an invisible mind, Christ in heaven, and presided over by a visible head, namely, the one whom Christ chose at the beginning to bear the keys of his kingdom. Therefore, this body of Christ was to be the prolongation of his Incarnation. Our Lord was to grow and expand very much like a cell. We sometimes think that a church is formed by all of us coming together and saying, “Oh, let’s get together and form a church”, just as we form a tennis club. That’s not the way the body of Christ was formed. God’s power was in the midst of his people