"Priestly Assistance from Heaven"

October 9, 2018
Padre Pio Stigmata

One of the most fascinating deliverances I ever performed involved a middle-aged woman who had suffered for many years with unknown afflictions and pains, none of which could be cured by any medicine or therapy.  The woman needed to be delivered from a host of lesser-strength demons which had literally infested her body over the course of many years for various reasons but which were now causing an escalating series of sorrowful events and persecutions.  She was a very faithful Catholic, but her fidelity only seemed to enrage the unclean spirits that persecuted her every time she began to pray or get close to God.  Chief among her devotions was her love for Padre Pio and Pope John Paul II (after his death).

When this lady asked for deliverance prayers, my assistant and I did not know that she had so many demons inside her body, but we prayed for her because of her expressed need.  At the final count we estimated that there were several hundred distinct demons that exited her body through the four sessions of prayer and deliverance we conducted with her.  Because these were not deeply-rooted demons, the process to expel them was very simple; silent prayer before the exposed Eucharist and then a command to each unclean spirit to leave her one after another.  Each was commanded to tell its name as it came to the Light and say, "Hail Mary, full of grace," as its sign of departure.  The list of names was unbelievable: Abortion, Anti-Christ, Belial, Betrayal, Birth Control, Black Cats (this one hissed and put up claws), Blasphemy, Fortune Telling, Horoscope, "Innocence" (this one spoke with a deceptively sweet, innocent voice), Illness, Pride (this one sat upright as if indignant and said, "I don't have to leave...."), Racism, Rape, Slave, Snake, Suicide and many, many others.

The most interesting insight into the demonic mind was the demons' resounding fear of this lady's favorite holy men: Padre Pio and Pope John Paul II.  At one point the lady said that she could even sense the presence of these saintly men in the chapel.  The demons certainly sensed it because each time a demon resisted the command to leave, it was very easy for me to say, "Well, I will just have to call on the Polish Pope to deal with you" or ask, "Should I call my priest friend with the stigmata to get you to leave?" Every mention of these holy men evoked a bloodcurdling scream from the demons who sometimes yelled, "Get those $%^&* gloves off of me!" or "Keep that #@$% priest in white away from me---I'll go! I'll go!" We also used relics of the holy men which seemed to burn the demons like fire any time they were touched to the lady's person.

By the end of the fourth session, the woman was totally freed from hundreds of lesser-strength demons that left because of her personal faith in God and her deep devotion to two holy priests who assisted her from heaven.

Fr. Thomas J Euteneuer, " Exorcism and the Church Militant" page 14