June 30, 2020


I love your show and all Virgin Most Powerful Radio (VMPR) programs. I know the devil hates us and wants to see us damed in hell forever. He wants us to live in mortal sin. We can unknowngly invite demonic activity into our lives (obession, oppression, vexation, and in physical objects infestation) when we commit moral sin. Manifestations may appear if we are in mortal sin [of course there can be manifestations when we are in grace, see St. Padre Pio]. But won't such manifestation drive 90% or more people to turn to God? It would seem better for the devil to just hide and let us lie, cheat, look at pornography, intoxicate ourself and not say a word. What does the devil gain by terrifying us via manifestation? If the devil's goal is sin, it would be smarter to lead people to deny his existence, rather than manifest (and drive people to Christ, Our Blessed Mother, and St. Michael). Right? 

Your thoughts Jesse.

Thank you and God Bless.


*Diabolical manifestation occurs when one’s will is in conflict with the demons, when your will is aligned with the demon there will be no diabolic manifestation.  In other words, if you are diabolically afflicted and you are praying, reading the bible or being prayed over by a Priest or lay people, these practices torment and trigger the demon.