April 23, 2024


 I'm just curious about I've heard praying to much can be dangerous too? So I kneeled in front of my home altar and said Lord I want to offer up as many Rosary's as I can for the conversion of a friend. I literally put  my app on and recited the Rosary all day while I worked....I must have done 30-40 full rosary's...that night I was immediately  under retaliation I think, knocks on the walls waking me up at like 2 in the morning and goosebumps and feeling that unwanted presence in my home. I'll fight that as long as I have to...but I just don't want to offend Our Lord or Our Lady by "vain repetition" Should I not do that or maybe another approach. I'm at a point in my catholic life that I want to fight and help the lord save souls, I realize I cannot do it He is the only one who saves, but I want to do my part. I don't want meet Jesus and him say I never knew you! 


There is no such things as praying to much. Make sure you pray out of faith and love from your heart. Demon's retaliate when you pray. Its happening to me write now as I write this email. Ignore them and keep on praying