Praise God from whom all blessings flow

November 9, 2021


Could you please pass this good news on to Jesse and Terry.  My daughter, who is a nurse in, Arizona got her religious exemption approved today without having to take a Covid test except for those employees living in CA, of course. I had emailed Jesse a while back asking for suggestions in obtaining a religious exemption.  My daughter called me crying very upset because she did not want that vaccine.  We just want to thank you so much for your suggestions via Virgin Most Powerful Radio..  With this local hospital, you had to answer four questions.  There was no letter and no pastoral signature required.  My daughter needed help with this requirement  so she logically came to me, her earthly mother,  and I pleaded with her spiritual mother to intercede for her. 

I thank Virgin Most Powerful Radio so much because your list of  "points"  for a religious exemption helped me as well as the exemption letter from the Colorado bishops.  Prior to these two findings, I was at a loss in my online search and had no idea how to legally argue for an exemption.  I felt betrayed by our Church and its leaders because nobody was out there helping us faithful Catholics stay faithful.  With your help and the Colorado bishops, my daughter was able to logically present with proof why these vaccines can never be mandated to a faithful Catholic.

I have always been one to do "my homework" above and beyond the requirement and this project was no exception. As my daughter's "lawyer,"  six pages of "proof" was turned in so maybe they just looked at the length and said  "approved".  Whatever the reason, my daughter and I thank you for being leaders in staying strong in these difficult times.

On a side note:  My pastor, who is conservative, was vaccinated and caught  the Chinese Wuhan Virus.  Thankfully, he recovered,  After his recovery, to my dismay, he put in the bulletin how we should all get vaccinated and wear masks and stay 6 feet apart.  What good did the vaccination do him?  As Terry says, no one has any common sense anymore.  I had immediately emailed my pastor after my daughter contacted me about  her vaccine mandate.  I never got a response.   Now I know why.. 

I will be sending a little extra donation to Virgin Most Powerful Radio in thanksgiving...

God bless you both and God bless Virgin Most Powerful Radio and thanks again,


It is great to hear this good news! Congratulations to you and your daughter! And thank you again for your generosity!

God Love You!