June 15, 2020


One of my friends and her family are dealing with witchcraft.  It seems that her middle sister and niece have been placing things in her parents home.  Apparently someone removed all of the St. Benedict medals from her parents house as well.  There were two items found which were used for binding as our research has uncovered.

Whom shall I go to first and ask for assistance in this matter?  I was contemplating asking my regional bishop for assistance, and perhaps he could get me in touch with our exorcist and his team.  They may be able to figure out the root cause of this activity.  Any advice would be helpful.


If occult objects have to be removed from a house. Than the husband / father of the house needs to enthrone the house to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the demons have to leave.  Demons yield to the authority of a man who prays and consecrates his house to Our Lord Jesus Christ because the house is his "domestic church."  The oldest Exorcist in the United States Mgsr John Esseff teaches Catholic to enthrone their house to Our Lord. 

Also, praying the Divine Mercy everyday at or around 3pm is a powerful way to drive away demons from the home.

*Mgsr John Esseff (Exorcist) uses the ‘Sacred Heart home enthronement’ to drive out the demons from houses - videos).

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