September 26, 2017
Combat Prayer   Rosary


What makes the rosary such a powerful weapon against Satan?


Remember, according to Sacred Tradition, Lucifer was told about the incarnation before the creation of the world, that GOD would become a MAN in the womb of a Virgen. This was totally unacceptable to this proud seraphic angel and so he shouted "Non Serviam"(I will not serve). I'll finish his proud envious thoughts & sentence, Lucifer was actually saying - 'I will not serve the God Man Jesus Christ nor will I honor His mother.' 

The Incarnation - God becoming Man is what separates Christianity from any other religion, the incarnation separates Jesus Christ from any other human being. St Thomas Aquinas spilled much ink defending and explaining the incarnation of the Son of God. This is why the devil FEARS the recitation of the rosary.

"This is why "the Rosary is our go-to remedy...because you are reciting (at least) 50 times the words that announced the greatest and most powerful act in history, God becoming man, when you say the first part of the Hail Mary. When we enter into that mystery and recite the same words with the same Holy Spirit in us that was in Mary, we ask and invite God to continue to do His greatest works through the same words said in the here and now!...this is why the FAMILY ROSARY is the most important daily devotion you can incorporate, if only one had to be chosen" Roman Catholic Spiritual Direction http://catholicexchange.com/the-rosary-is-our-spiritual-weapon-of-mass-d...

Secondly, the Our Father is an exorcism prayer, we pray - "deliver us from evil." Many greek manuscripts say "deliver us from the evil one." The Catechism 2851 says "in this petition, evil is not an abstraction, but refers to a person, Satan, the Evil One, the angel who opposes God."

God prepares us to resist and fight the devil by giving us: "this day our daily bread"...the word "daily" (greek 'epi ousios'). Taken literally (epi-ousios: "super - essential"), it refers to the directly to the Bread of Life, the Body of Christ, the "medicine of immortality" (cf. CCC 2837).

St John Chrysostom says that when we receive Holy Communion the devil see's us like a lion breathing fire, he is terrified.

St Cyril of Alexandria says when we receive Holy Communion, it subverts the power of the devil and puts demons to flight.

Finally, remember the Sign of the Cross at the start and at the end of the rosary. St. Benedict's who lived in the 5th century and founded monasteries all across Europe as fortresses of prayer. He fought against demons as well as against evil influences that he, as the first exorcist in history, used to drive out demons and perform miracles with the sign of the cross.

So start your rosary right now (or set a time for your family rosary) and ask Our Lady to bring about the conversion of your family and protection from demons.

Our Lady of the Rosary, PRAY FOR US!