Peter got wiser

February 10, 2021

The closer we get to Christ, the less certain we are of any merit of our own. Just study the way St. Paul characterizes himself in his epistles, in intervals of four, five, and six years between the letters. At first he says,  I am the chief of the apostles, I have labored more abundantly than any of them . He works a little longer and then he says,  I am not worthy to be called a member of the Church, and the least worthy of all of the apostles . Finally he ends up by calling himself the chief of sinners.  St. Peter, too became wiser, his first letter begins,  Peter, apostle of Jesus Christ .  Here s a clear-cut affirmation of what he is. A few years later, Peter changes and he begins his letter,  Simon Peter . Simon, poor weak human nature -  Simon Peter, apostle servant of Christ .