Passing the buck

February 28, 2022

Our modern world is very fond of passing the buck. That is to say, of denying responsibility. It began in the garden. Adam blamed Eve. When Adam was asked why he sinned, he said, 'It was on account of the woman you gave me.' You see, he did not say his wife. He blamed God: 'On account of the woman you gave me.'  Eve blamed the serpent, and the buck was passed on. Aaron blamed the furnace for turning out the calf. Children blame their parents; people blame their pastors; pastors blame their curates; the curates blame their pastors. All blame their bishops, and bishops blame congregations. Psychiatrists and psychoanalysts blame the grandfathers and grandmothers. They blame the want of sufficient playgrounds. They blame bad instincts. No one is responsible, and so the buck is passed on. President Truman used to have a sign on his desk reading: 'The buck stops here.' But it did not. Where does the passing of the buck and the denial of responsibility cease? At the cross. There it ends. At last there's someone to blame.