June 29, 2020


I love Jesus and I try to be what he wants me to be, always.  Recently, I was given a beautiful sterling silver flying dragon pendant that I really like. I don't know if the dragon symbol is evil, or if some are and some aren't or if symbols of imaginary things matters. 

Does God and Jesus care about all symbols, or is it only important that we love God and obey Him and try to be good people? I don't want to be tricked into doing something hurtful to God and the way things are going these days, I feel that I need to be watchful.  I was raised Catholic, but I don't trust the "church" anymore. I'm trying to find answers to a lot of things going on in the world now and I'm overwhelmed with all the evil being exposed.  


A dragon is a symbol of satan. I would not wear a symbol of a dragon around my neck. Because without knowing it, you could making a 'spiritual contract.' 

Let me explain, a ‘spiritual contract’ attaches a spiritual significance to a temporal action, in other words putting an eternal consequence to what happens in the temporal. We do this subconsciously when we make the sign of the cross over our bodies, that is a temporal action that has a spiritual consequence. You cannot separate the action from the spiritual consequence. It’s like doing Yoga and saying I am just doing these postures and movements for the exercise. That’s ludicrous. Yoga movements are a physical action that has spiritual consequences. 

So, if I see someone make the sign of the cross, no matter the context, it has a meaning. Our physical actions have spiritual value. The evil people (Satanist, witches, the occult) also do spiritual contracts like a ‘malefice’, ‘evil eye.’ A malefice is a demonstrative curse with a physical action. In the same way that a blessing has a physical action. What we do with our bodies has spiritual consequences, its built upon that premise. 

Also, read 2 Maccabees 12:38-46, the Israelites were wearing pagan amulets around their neck during wear, God allowed them to be killed by the Seleucid army precisely because they were wearing pagan amulets, this was the sin of superstition and idolatry which offended God. Some of the Israelites probably just put on the amulet around their neck because they saw the other soldiers doing so or they thought it looked cool, they probably did not have any bad intentions. However, in the eyes of God, they were making a 'spiritual contract' with this pagan deity.