Our Virgin Birth

December 30, 2020

"I cannot see why a Christian should be in the least bit troubled about the virgin birth, because there's a virgin birth in us all.  Everyone who becomes a Christian has Christ in him. Christ is born and conceived in everyone by baptism.  There is first of all the renewal crisis in the intellect so that, Paul says, we 'put on the mind of Christ.'  He is in the will, as grace and power.  And he is in our body, because our body, becomes the temple of God.  The convert (it's easy to understand in a convert because one can always distinguish the before and after state) can often say: 'Oh, yes, at this precise date I heard the word of God. And the word was born in me so that I have his truth and his grace, and he's living inside of my body.' There is conception by perception, conception by the hearing of the word of God."