Our Savior Is Our Judge

December 18, 2020

"When our Lord comes, it will not be just to judge the one circumscribed area of the earth in which he labored and revealed himself.  It will be to reveal himself and to judge all nations and all empires. When that time is, nobody knows.  He refuses to tell us.  he only says that it will be sudden, like a flash of lightning.  He, the Savior, is the judge.  What a beautiful way to have a judgment.  Can you imagine any earthly judge saying to a criminal before him: you were guilty, I am going to take all of your sins and crimes upon myself.  I will suffer for you.  What a judge he would be?  But our blessed Lord took upon himself all of our sin as we stood before the bar of divine justice, and he who suffered for us will come to judge us.  What a judgment it will be when we will see one who loved us so much."