Our lack of feeling 

September 14, 2023

Something that has particularly characterized our age is what might be called 'de-eucharistization', a decline in the love of the Eucharist.  It started when some theologians, completely misunderstanding the Vatican Council, felt that there was no such thing as the presence of Christ in the Sacrament and even cast some doubt on the value of it. So we suffer from what the whole world is suffering. St. Paul calls it a want of feeling. Sociologists tell us that family life and relationships between people have very much degenerated. There is a want of sensitivity and delicacy toward one another. Maybe the grossness of our carnal age has made us put less stress upon those common courtesies and urbanities which make up life. Little affection is shown between husband and wife, between mother and children, or between father and children. I mean a show of affection; there is love in providing for them, but the manifestation of love has gone into decline.  And it leads to a decline in the spiritual order. We have become poor lovers of God. We are not sensitive and responsive.