Only By The Sacrifice of Christ

October 7, 2019

The sons of Aaron, two young priests, had just been ordained, and they came into the tabernacle where there was the altar of sacrifice, the altar of incense beyond, the golden candlestick, and the bread of perpetual presence. The two sons lit the fires of the altar of intercession with a strange fire, says the scripture, for which they were struck dead by God. And Aaron did not move. He knew the justice of God's judgment, and Moses said, 'Remove the bodies.' They went on with the liturgy. Why were these newly ordained priests struck dead? Because the fires of the altar of intercession must be lighted from the altar of sacrifice. There is no intercession except through sacrifice, and they skipped Calvary, as it were, and thought that heaven would be opened and their intercession to God accepted without a sacrifice. See how strict and severe God is in driving home this truth to us about the death and sacrifice of Christ.