One church, one building

July 31, 2018

Next our Lord said, “I will build my Church”—my ecclesia, my qahal. He did not say, “I will build my churches.”  The Church is his body. Christ cannot have many bodies. That would be a physical monstrosity. The whole organic foundation of the mystical body is founded on a single man who is to have divine assistance. Notice our Lord also said, “I will build my church.” This same word “build” is used in the book of Genesis. In the Latin translation of the scriptures, the Vulgate, exactly the same word is used to describe how Eve was formed out of Adam and how Christ built his Church. Adam was like an unfinished thing until Eve was born. So scripture says that Christ was to have his fullness in his bride, the Church. As Eve was built from Adam, so the Church was built from Christ.