Nothing between you and God

July 23, 2020

Maybe you have often said, “I do not want an institution standing between God and me.” Well, that’s right. After all, you have a right to communicate with God. But the Church is not that kind of an institution, standing between you and God. Israel was not between the world and God. Think of the Church somewhat in the fashion of a body. Do you ever say, for example, I do not want your lips and eyes and hands and so forth standing between me and you? After all, how can I communicate anything to you, except by something visible and tangible and carnal? Anything visible that you see about me or will ever see about me is nothing but the sign of an invisible soul. The carnal is the token of the spiritual. So when our Blessed Lord came to this earth and took upon himself a human body, you would not say, “I do not want this body of Christ standing between me and my love of Christ.” That is the only way of the Incarnation, to communicate the divine through the human. This human nature of our Blessed Lord, this body of his was the instrument of his divinity. When, therefore, our Lord came as priest, as prophet, and as king, everything he did was done through the power and the means of this human nature.