A New Outlook on Life

August 20, 2020

Not only does faith give certitude, but it also gives us a new outlook, a new outlook on birth, suffering, death, joy, pleasure, literature, and art. Those who have what St. Paul calls the carnal mind cannot understand the things of faith. It is very much like trying to make a blind man understand color. Very often, those who lack the gift of faith wonder why it is that we are so certain about life. Why do we have this outlook on suffering? Why are we not depressed? Why do we not contemplate suicide? Well, it is simply because we see things more clearly. We have a light that they don’t have. A man has the same eyes at night that he has in the day. But he does not see at night. Why? Because he lacks the light of the sun. Let two people look at the same problem. They see it very differently. It is because one has only his reason and his senses, and the other has faith.