May 26, 2021


I believe my son suffers from demonic oppression. He’s 32 yrs old. He has led a very sinful life. He even dabbled with tarot card readings for a while. He’s always talking about “energy” that he feels. He doesn’t work because he says he can’t handle the “pressure” he feels on his chest. I’ve offered to send him a scapular/ rosary but  he says he’ll just tear it apart.. he says he doesn’t want to do that but he knows that as soon as he puts it on his body will resist it.
What can we do to help him? 


Your son is living in mortal sin, his soul is empty of the indwelling presence of God. This condition invites diabolical affliction. Demons are attracted to people that don't know their faith, live disordered sinful lives and live in mortal sin. God allows diabolical affliction to bring the person back to a relationship with God through prayer and the sacraments. 

You and especially his father should start teaching him the faith (its easy, their are thousands and thousands of good videos and lectures on your computer). Start praying for his conversion everyday for the rest of your life - thats your duty.

Philippians 4:6: "Have no anxiety about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God." 

Woman’s most powerful prayers are supplication, petition & intercession

*Prayers of supplication are the most effective prayers for a woman. In Matthew 15:21-28 & Mark 7:24-30 a Syrophoenician woman had a lot going against her. The Canaanites were looked down upon by the Israelites. She begged Jesus to heal her possessed daughter – and His disciples called her an annoyance. Yet she continued to cry out to Christ. She knew that He was God and she did not let the others around her to cause her faith to stumble. Our Lord Jesus Christ healed her daughter.

*In Luke 2:36-38 We are told in Scripture about Anna the widow and prophetess fasted, prayed day and night in the Temple for many years. The Lord blessed her faithfulness and allowed her to be one of the very first people to see and recognize that the baby Jesus was the Messiah.

*Hannah’s prays and pleads with God in a moment of desperation for a child (cf. 1 Samuel 1:9-20). Hannah poured out her heart to God with tears. God granted her desire and she bore the prophet Samuel. This is the pattern for all woman, bring your heart’s desires to God in prayer.

*St Therese of Lisieux made reparation (prayer & penance) for a man on death row & he repented right before his execution -

Here is a wife's prescription for an unconverted son or daughter:  Our Lord said to St Faustina: “If you say this prayer (the Divine Mercy), with a contrite heart and with faith, on behalf of some sinner I will give that soul the grace of conversion” -

Also, pray the rosary everyday for your son so that your prayers can ‘merit for him the grace of conversion.’ Our Lady says in promise no.11 (of the Fifteen Promises of the Rosary). "You shall obtain all you ask of me by the recitation of the rosary."  

If you live in a state of grace you are personally protected from the diabolical, your tears, pain and suffering for your son are meant to purify you and make you a saint (cf. Hebrews 5:7-9). Your prayers become more efficacious as you become holier (cf. James 5:16) and your role is to pray, do penance and suffer for the conversion of your son. Through our suffering we distribute graces to other people in the body of Christ.