A Mexican superstitiuous practice

September 26, 2023


I have an aunt who goes to Mexico during December to do a family tradition of celebrating La Posadas, (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Las_Posadas) for baby Jesus. But she has told my mom that she places a glass of water and a piece of bread next to baby Jesus? My mother told her no!.... what she needs to place by the baby Jesus is incense, gold and myrrh.  My aunt told my mother she was not familiar with incense, gold and myrrh. Can you please explain to us why would my aunt put a glass of water and bread next to baby Jesus? 


That is a superstitious practice where some hispanics believe that if you leave water and food in front of a statue, that statue will come to life and eat and drink what you left....this is complete superstitious. This goes against the 1st commandment and offends God.