Mass in a Chinese Prison

April 20, 2022

A bishop was put into a communist prison in China. After beatings and persecution his weight fell to about ninety pounds. Covered with vermin, prison sores, wearing a black stocking cap and a black kimono, he was unable to walk by himself. He always had to be supported by two fellow prisoners. Providentially, however, he was the only one in prison that was ever given bread and wine. The communists did not know why they gave it to him, but at any rate he had it. If they knew that he was going to say Mass with the bread and wine, they certainly never would have given it to him. Mass in a gothic cathedral, with all the pomp and splendor of liturgy, could never equal the beauty of that Mass that was said by the bishop as he leaned against the prison wall, with the tray before him, as he moved his fingers, saying over the bread, 'This is my Body', and over the wine, 'This is my Blood', and then secretly passing out communion to those who shared his faith.