July 23, 2020


I’m writing you for advice as to what we, as Catholics, should do if Bill Gates gets his way with this tattoo (maybe the Mark of the Beast)?  Scripture says we are not to partake in this, correct?
 I don’t want to cause my family to go to hell because of something so careless, and am hoping you might have some guidance.


Thank you for being a listener and for your kind words. We all know that Bill Gates is funding a universal vaccine for covid 19 using fetal stem cells. This is a immoral way of making a vaccine therefore I would refuse to take it. In addition, the Government cannot force you to take a vaccine. I can tell you that my wife and I will not take it and we are ready to suffer the consequences - come what may.

If Trump wins, we will not be forced, if Biden wins and the democrats win the Senate, I believe they will try to force us by executive order or an act of congress.