Man and woman in the Church

March 21, 2019

Our Blessed Lord said the word is the seed, the seed is the word. Man gives the seed. The woman receives the seed, fosters it, nourishes it, gives birth to it, loves it, trains it. There's no such thing as inferiority or superiority. Instead of being a question of inferiority and superiority, it is only a question of the different roles that we play--the man is the symbol of Christ, and the woman is the symbol of the Church. Many people no longer have an understanding of the Church as the body of Christ. Jesus loves his body. So when we forget the Church and begin to call her an institution, an establishment, the whole character of the nuptial bond is disrupted. The Blessed Mother beneath the cross is the symbol of the Church, and John is the firstborn. At Pentecost we find that the body has grown: here are 120, with the apostles, Mary in the midst of them.