A love without limit

July 7, 2021

When God with his divine nature came down to this world and took upon himself the human nature from the womb of his Blessed Mother, he took upon himself an instrument. Once God took upon himself our human nature, He could act in our name. And everyone of the actions of that human nature would have an infinite value. Not a sigh, a word, a tear, a step of that human nature was inseparable from the Person of God. That is why one breath of God-made-Man would have been enough to have redeemed the world. Why? Because it was the breath of God, and therefore had an infinite value. Why then did God suffer so much when He took upon himself our human nature? God’s love knows no limits. The only way to prove perfect love is by surrender of all that one has in oneself. God took upon Himself our human nature, and He said that He loved us unto the end, even to death.