Liber Cristo Methodology Works

July 27, 2022


For your intel, the above prayers worked. The following case confirms what Kyle said in one of the recent WarCollege episodes: (23:00 -->) I have a case of a family (husband/wife) I know on the East Coast who for some months now has been praying Binding Prayers (I think also the Light of Christ prayer) for one of their sons who's gone bonkers for some young lady. They also consecrated their exterior goods (including their children) to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Their daughter was also praying assiduously for her brother. She's doing Mission Work this Summer. 

The parents started the prayers towards the end of Feb; and movement started to happen shortly afterwards. He started to get tired of her and I think even turned off. His nearly obsessive 24/7 conversations with her started to end up in shouting matches and he started to get "tired"? of her. The relationship ended in the beginning of March. He cut it off with her. They are now friends, but he said she's very bad as a girlfriend. 

Much work is still needed.


Thanks for sharing! Wow, tried and tested in the field.