Letter to Judge Bruce Reinhart who authorized search of President Trumps Home

August 10, 2022

To subscribers: If you feel led to write to Judge Bruce Reinhart [email protected] , who authorized the raid on the President's Trumps home you can use the letter below or write your own.

Dear Judge Bruce Reinhart;

Our country is being torn apart, I have never seen this type of division before in my life. I have also never heard of a former President's house being raided by the FBI, apparently you gave the authorization to search Donald Trump's house. We look to our judges to be impartial and unbiased, the actions last night by the FBI were weaponized partisan politics at its worst. Please, be a unifier and don't go along with the voices of division coming from the Uni-party (the Democrats and RINO's). You and I will stand one day before Almighty God, you will be judged by your faith and actions. Were you a unifier, did you bring harmony, did you bring peace and true justice, not partisan politics to the bench. I hope you realize that authorization for that search warrant has made America a more dangerous place to live. When our government can go after a former President with impunity, what chance of justice do the rest of us have - none!

I will say a prayer for you after I send this email, that God gives you a spirit of temperance, justice and fairness. What you authorized yesterday is going to have a negative impact on our country forever, it's a stain on our history. Judge Reinhard, shame, repentance and amending your ways are good things and a sign that you realize you crossed a sacred line.