Judgment is recognition 

September 19, 2022

What is judgment? Judgment is recognition: recognition from our point of view and recognition from God's point of view. It is recognition, first of all! from our point of view. Suppose that we are cleaning our house when a distinguished visitor is announced. We will say, 'Oh, I am not clean, wait until I wash up and dress.' That's the way we are when we go before the sight of God: let me clean up a bit. Recognition is also from God's point of view. Grace is the similarity of our nature to God's nature. St. Peter says, 'We are partakers of God's nature.' Just as our parents know us because we share their nature, so God looks upon us. If he sees his nature in us, then he will say, 'Come, come ye blessed of my Father. I am the natural Son; you are the adopted son. Come into the kingdom prepared for you.' If, however, he looks and does not see that likeness of nature, as a mother knows the neighbor's child is not her own, so the Lord will say, 'I know you not.' It is a terrible thing not to be known by God.