I'll See You in Heaven 

December 13, 2022

 "Just think of some great moment in life when you really enjoyed the thrill of living.  Then go back and think of some great moment when somebody told you a truth or you made a study of a great mystery and finally understood it.  Then go to another moment of your life when you had a great ecstasy of love and you wanted it to go on and on and on.  Now suppose you could take this moment of life, raise it up to a focal point where it became the far deepest truth, lift it to infinity until it became the moment of the ecstasy of truth, and take that moment of love and eternalize it so that it became the Holy Spirit.  Well, that gives some dim suggestion of what heaven is.  It is perfect life.  It is perfect truth.  It is perfect love.  I am not afraid of going to hell, I am only afraid of losing love, that's all.  That's divine love; that's Christ. The reason I want to go to heaven is because I want to be with love.  Oh, there will be surprises there, many of them.  First of all, there will be many people there whom we never expected to see there.  There will also be a number of people absent who we thought would be there.  Finally, there will be one great surprise, the greatest of all, that you and I are there.  I'll see you in heaven."