Idle Talk, A Sign of an Idle Soul

December 21, 2022

Some people are very good at talking about others.  They offer continual opinions and judgments of them and speak freely, as if they have everything figured out.  Do not be like one of these people.  Those who have their minds and tongues occupied with the activities of others have little time to look into their own souls so as to discover who they are (See Diary #1717).

Do you struggle with idle talk?  In other words, do you speak regularly and freely about others, issuing opinions and judgments upon them while, at the same time, fail to honestly evaluate your own soul?  If you do this it may be hard to admit it.  But if this is you, admit it here and now.  Tell our Lord you are aware of this struggle and seek His Mercy as your help.  He will help you, but only if you are honest with your struggle.

Lord, please free me from the idle chatter and judgments I tend to place upon others.  Help me, instead, to become truly recollected and aware of my own life and sin.  Help me to also see the abundance of Your Mercy which I must rely upon and offer to others.  My Lord, I repent of my sin, please come to my help.  Jesus, I trust in You.


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