"I am not a doctor"

January 20, 2021


Dear Jesse,

Please, please tell me not to take adderrall. Even though I have chronic fatigue and my doctor wants to prescribe it. I feel it is wrong, and I need a confirmation. God bless you and your family.


I am not a Doctor so I will not comment on your situation, it would be imprudent of me. Talk to your husband, talk to your parents, get a second opinion. Also, remember, Our Lord is our ultimate healer (cf. Matt 12:15), but sometimes our Lord heals through Doctors (cf. Sirach 38:1-15), other times he heals as a result of answering our prayers (cf. Matt 14:36). All of our suffering is redemptive and has value when we offer it up to the Lord in prayer (cf. Col 1:24). 

“In sickness lies a particular grace. The sick person is helpless, dependent, broken open to God. He is ready to beg. And God can heal him. Grace can find a foothold in every humble plea” (Adrienne Voy Speyr – Mark, Meditations for a Community, Michelle K. Borras, Ignatius Press, San Francisco CA).