April 6, 2020


This seems like a dumb question but I'm asking it anyway.  I heard on your show how having blessed water with blessed salt in it. I have mine and it is exorcised by the old Rite. What I need to know is what I do with it...sprinkle around and/or drink it?


Exorcist will make people who are diabolically afflicted drink holy water. Generally we just sprinkle it around the house every couple of days or whenever you sense that you or your spouse is being spiritually attacked. Especially sprinkle it in your bedroom for protection, demons are more active in the evening and they can affect our dreams. 

Job, chapter 4:12-16 (NAB) "A word was stealthily brought to me, my ear caught a whisper of it. In my thoughts during visions of the night, when deep sleep falls on mortals, Fear came upon me, and shuddering, that terrified me to the bone. Then a spirit passed before me, and the hair of my body stood on end. It paused, but its likeness I could not recognize; a figure was before my eyes, in silence I heard a voice."

Taken from the 31st chapter of the autobiography of St. Teresa of Avila, a Doctor of the Church: ‘I was once in an oratory, and [the devil] appeared to me in an abominable form at my left side. Because he spoke to me, I looked particularly at his mouth — which was most frightening. It seemed that a great flame, all bright without shadow, came forth from his body. He told me in a terrifying way that I had really freed myself from his hands but that he would catch me with them again. I was struck with great fear and blessed myself as best I could; he disappeared, but returned right away. This happened to me twice. I didn’t know what to do. There was some holy water there, and I threw it in that direction; he never returned again … I often experience that there is nothing the devils flee from more — without returning — than holy water’. http://catholicexchange.com/hidden-power-holy-water & https://churchpo...