Holy Bible vs The quran

May 31, 2017


What about all of those verses in the bible that talk about violence in the O.T. Isn't this the same as the Koran?



Those verses in the O.T. are descriptive not prescriptive. The Koranic bible verses are prescriptive. They prescribe ongoing violence to their practitioners. The O.T. is a provisional temporary covenant. I am a new covenant Catholic Christian and the new covenant does not ask us to commit acts of violence against anyone. Their is no 1 verse in the New Covenant where we are commanded to perform acts of violence against believe that don't believe as we do. The Koran on the other hand is replete with verses commanding violence until the end of the world.


There are 0 violent verses in the N.T.


This expert says there are 109 violent verses in the Koran.




This other expert says there are 164 violent verses in the Koran