Help my husband!!!

February 14, 2019
Help Me


How can I help my husband he has al the characteristics you mentioned on the show. He’s a fallen catholic. I’m praying a novena for his conversion. I have hope and trust God. I’m in a state of Grace and live moral a life. 


Follow the instructions in this link along with the prayers everyday. This is spiritual direction from a team of Catholic Exorcist -

The goal is to get your husband to have a conversion to Jesus Christ, than he will start being healed from the darkness and the diabolical. If a good Catholic man in your life could invite him to a Men Retreat, a Mens Conference or a Mens Fellowship that would be ideal. If not, you will have to suffer much for him so that he can receive the grace of conversion. To bad he doesn't listen to my show JESUS 911, my manner of presenting the Gospel has a profound effect on other men.