July 27, 2017
Matt Fradd   Delivered


 Help! I’m struggling with pornography – where do I go?


Fr John Hardon said: “Nothing blinds intellect more than sexual mortal sin.” Below are some great resources to fight this addiction. (Catholic anti-porn website) (software to block pornography) (software to block pornography) (Catholic anti-porn website) (Catholic Support Group for Sexual Addiction Recovery) (Great statistical website on the harmfull effects) (Good statistics) (Institute for Marital Healing) (Parenting Website by the K of C) (Catholic anti-porn website) (Catholic chastity website) (Catholic anti-porn website) (Catholic Support Group for Sexual Addiction Recovery) (Educating Catholics how to protect their families from Porn) (Counseling that is consistent with Church teaching) (The online resource for John Paul II's Theology of the Body) (Matt Fradd amazing chastity speaker)

A few resources below, that I’ve found helpful:

1.    Dr. Peter Kleponis:  Catholic sex addiction therapist.  Often speaker in EWTN TV and radio. He describes this addiction well, and proposed a comprehensive recovery model

2.    12 Steps program:  Sexaholics Anonymous (SA) defines sexual sobriety in alignment with the Catholic Church definition of chastity

3.    RECLAIM: Catholic online program with an imprimatur from Wisconsin’s Bishop David Rickens

4.    From the Arlington Diocese