Has the world gone mad?

November 24, 2021


First off I want to thank you and Terry for helping us who are confused, concerned and worried about our faith. I first saw you on episode 5 of Mary Queen of Heaven and that was awesome the way you explained it. 

Recently I had bypass surgery and was out of work for three months. When I returned to work I was told I had to either get vaccinated or submit a reason, either medical or Religious for a job accommodation. I thought it would be easier submitting a medical reason as they knew I was post bypass so I went to my physician thinking he would sign off and boy was I wrong. He told me he believed I should be vaccinated and there was a lot of misinformation trying to make Democrats look bad. I was speechless and told him people have died from the vaccine in which he denied and I responded per  Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VEARS) people have died. Anyway I didn’t get his support so I used your responses and submitted to my employer and I was approved for religious reasons. Thanks Jesse! I don’t want to mention my employer but that truly happened. 

I feel like we are living in the time of St. Anthony of the desert vision that the world gone mad and if you are not like them then your mad.  Why hasnt Pope Francis had  a Rosary procession to end the so called pandemic?


Praise God that your employer approved your religious exemption. Yes, your right, the world has gone mad and those of us who embrace Catholic orthodoxy are looked at as if we are insane. Pope Francis has not called for a rosary crusade because he is part of the globalist progressives.

His errors are now well documented in books such as

1. 'The Dictator Pope’ by Henry Sire.' 

2. 'Lost Shepherd, how Pope Francis is misleading the Flock’ by Philip Lawler.

3. 'To Change the Church: Pope Francis & the future of Catholicism' by Ross Douthat.

4. 'The Political Pope: How Pope Francis is delighting the liberal left and abandoning conservatives’ by George Neumayr.

5.’Pope Francis’s Paradigm Shift’ by Jose Antonio Ureta.

6. ‘Bad Shepherds’ by Rod Bennett.

7. ‘Infiltration’ by Taylor Marshall.

8. ‘Defending the Faith against present Heresies’ by Dr John RT Lamont.