God's knowledge of things

June 26, 2019

How does God know? God does not know the way we know. We know by looking at things. God knows by looking at himself. We can get a faint idea of God's knowledge from an architect. Before an architect puts up a building, he can tell you the size of the building, its dimensions, the location of each room, its height, the number of elevators it will have, and so forth. How does he know all of this before the building is built? Because he is the designer of the building. Now God is a designer too, but God is not just a designer of the the human universe.  He's the cause of the very being of the universe. And just as an architect need only look into his own mind to understand the nature of his building and as a poet knows his verses in his own mind, so God knows all things by looking at himself. He does not need to wait for you to turn a corner before he knows that you are doing so. He does not see little boys putting their fingers into the cookie jar and conclude they are stealing. Everything is naked and open to the eyes of God.