God works through the minority

February 1, 2021

The Holy Spirit always works through minorities, never through majorities. Remember when Moses had just left Egypt with his Israelites, and he sent two of his trusted men, Caleb and Joshua, into the land of Canaan He sent them with ten others - there were twelve spies in all - and he asked them to make inquiries about the army, the size of the cities, and so forth. They came back with a double report: a majority report and a minority report. The majority report of ten was,  We cannot take the land. The men there are so tall we look like grasshoppers beside them.  Caleb and Joshua then spoke and said,  No, God said that we could take it.  And the multitude, the church, turned on Caleb and Joshua and would have killed them had Moses not interceded. The majority was wrong the minority with God can do anything.