God is Not a Dictator 

August 15, 2022

God refuses to be a totalitarian dictator. Therefore, he refuses to abolish evil by destroying human freedom. Instead of conscripting man, God willed to consult humanity as to whether or not it wanted to be made a member of the divine orchestra once more. An angel comes to a woman whose name is Mary and asks her in the name of God, “Will you give to God a man? Will you give to God a new note of humanity with which he can write a new symphony?” This new man must be a man, otherwise God would not be asking in the name of humanity. But he also must be outside the current of infection to which all men are subject. Being born of a woman, he would be a man, and being born of a virgin, he would be a sinless man. So the virgin was asked if she would consent to be a mother. And she gave to God a man. Her answer was, “Be it done to me according to thy word.”  Nine months later the Eternal established its beachhead in Bethlehem. He who was eternal appeared in time, and his name is Jesus Christ, God and Man. He is God; therefore, whatever he does has an infinite value. And though this human nature of his is sinless, he makes himself responsible for all the sins of the world.