The general judgement

April 4, 2019
Last Judgement


When the general judgement comes and all will be raised from the dead for our judgment. Do the souls from Heaven also come down to earth? And will all be raised souls be included  in hell? Or is it only souls on earth and purgatory? That said, wouldn't that be considered reincarnation? 


At the sound of that trumpet the souls of the blessed shall descend from Heaven to be united to the bodies with which they served God on Earth; and the unhappy souls of the damned shall come up from Hell to take possession again of those bodies with which they have offended God. Oh! how different the appearance of the former, compared with that of the latter! The damned shall appear deformed and black, like so many firebrands of Hell; but the just shall shine as the sun (Matt xiii 43) Oh! how great shall then be the happiness of those who have fortified their bodies by works of penance! We may estimate their felicity from the words addressed by St. Peter of Alcantara, after death, to St. Teresa: “O happy penance! which merited for me such glory”

Reincarnation is the belief that on the death of the body the soul transmigrates to or is born again in another body (not your own) or the body of an animal. The Catholic Church teaches that the soul upon death either goes to heaven, hell or purgatory (the anteroom to heaven).