December 2, 2022


My sister in law is going through bad anxiety, depression and can't be alone in her house.  She lives with her fiancee and are both hoarders and filthy. She went on disability from her work and is going to  mental and life classes in lieu of work.
They do go to church on Sunday.  She is even going to weekly gatherings for the ALPHA program here in San Diego at St. Rita parish.  I told them their lives would be different if they stopped living together and just get married already. They have been together for about 20 years.  Is this attack spiritual?  


Demons are attracted to evil people and evil places (Fr Gabriel Amorth - Exorcist). If you live in mortal sin you are devoid of sanctifying grace in your soul which excludes you from Gods kingdom (cf. CCC 1861), therefore you are unprotected against the diabolical. In fact, if you die in mortal sin you go to hell (cf. CCC 1035). Demons are attracted to people who live 'unclean lives,' hen I say ‘unclean’ that means they live in mortal sin.  Gods will is for you to be clean (in a state of grace), satans will is for you to be unclean (in a state of mortal sin).