Finding Meaning In Your Neighbor

January 14, 2021

Not very long ago a father brought me his young son, a very self --wise, conceited young delinquent, who had given up his faith and was bitter with himself and everyone he met.  The next day the boy ran away from home.  He was away for a year.  The boy came back as bad as ever, and the father brought him to me and said, 'What shall I do with him?' I said, 'Send him to school, but not in the United States.'  So I recommended a certain school to him, and about a year later the boy came back to see me.  He said, 'Would you be willing to give me moral support for an enterprise that I have undertaken in Mexico?  There's a group of boys in the college I attend who have  built a little school.  We have gone all around the neighborhood and brought in the children to teach them catechism. We will also bring in a doctor from the United States once a year, for one month, to take care of all the sick people of the neighborhood.' I asked him how he became interested in this work. 'Well,' he said, 'The boys went down there during the summer, and I thought I would go down too.'  He recovered his faith and his morals and everything else, in his neighbor.