March 20, 2020
Devil City Angels Cover Web 1


I just finished your new book (The Devil in the City of Angels) my wife bought for me to read for Lent. I cannot adequately express how much of a blessing your book is. I too am a retired police officer and had encountered the diabolical while on the job. Unfortunately, at the time of these encounters I didn’t have the depth of faith I do now, nor did I have the benefit of your apostolate otherwise I could’ve dealt with them better. Even now in my early 50’s, as I dig deeper into the treasures that Holy Mother Church holds and engage more fully in spiritual battle, your book is going to be part of my “weapons system”. Please know that my whole family has benefitted from your work and that we pray for you as you continue to fight the good fight.
God bless you, my brother!


Thanks for the pat on the back and thank you for your service. Glad your reengaged in your faith, we need all hands on deck.