Father praying for his child

February 3, 2022


Jesse, we met today at the conference and I asked you what I can do for my 14year old daughter. That she has an imaginary friend and you mentioned that you would send me the exorcism prayer to pray in the morning and at night. Anything would be greatly appreciated.


Start praying these prayers every night as a family written by 4 Exorcist - "Auxiliumchristianorum"  in my book "Lord Prepare my Hands for Battle" page 117 https://jesseromero.com/store/lord-prepare-myhands-battle-book or you can go to auxiliumchristianorum.org.

Teach your daughter to love God and be a practicing Catholic. 

You as a father need to place your right hand over her head (once a day) and pray like a Catholic Father...

"In the name of Jesus Christ and by the power given to me by God the Father Almighty through natural law. I bind any demon any demon afflicting my daughter, any demon present to her known to my angel, her angel, St Michael or the Blessed Virgin Mary. I bind any demon manipulating images in her memory or imagination. I bind any demon attempting to disorder her appetites. Specifically, I bind any demons of rebellion, addiction and disorders of any kind. I bind any demons exploiting any emotional or psychological wounds she may have…

I pray that you pray that you grant (name) the grace to assent to the truths of the Roman Catholic Faith. I pray that (name) receive the grace to hunger and thirst for the Holy Eucharist. I pray that she desire purity of mind, body and soul. I pray that the light of Christ be upon her so that she sees herself as the Heavenly Father see’s her and that we see her as the Heavenly Father see’s her.

By the authority as head of household granted to me by God the Father Almighty through the natural law and divine positive law, I place the crown of thorns, saturated in the precious blood of Jesus Christ upon the head of any demon who dares to affect my daughter, any demon present to her, any lying spirits, any spirits of rebellion or addiction, any demons of any kind who try to afflict her. I place the crown of thorns upon your head the entire time you try to afflict her.

I bless my daughter (name) in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit – Amen.

Virgin Most Powerful pray for her and protect her.

St Joseph terror of demons pray for her and protect her.

St Maximiliun Kobe (patron saint of drug addicts), pray for her.

St Maria Goretti (patron saint of purity & chastity) pray for her.

St Philomena (patron saint of young people) pray for her.