January 23, 2023


Would you happen to know of this lady by the name of Lorena who says she receives messages from St. Joseph.  I have a friend who sends me things like this.  The last one he sent was from a man, named John Leary.  Through prayers and guidances, I  did some research on John Leary and found he was not authentic.  When my friend sent me John Learys received messages, they truly sounded like a  D.J, or a news reporter, something like that. So, now he sends me messages from Lorena.  I am very careful with things like this. I pray for guidance and discernment.  Through this, you came to mind, so I thought to ask you if you know of Lorena.  I can’t find answers. 


 No, I don't know this person and I don't pay any attention to NON APPROVED private revelations. absolutely none.